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Hello, World!

© Krista Stryker 2011
Welcome to need.input blog.  

This blog has been a long time in the making.  I've started a number of blogs before this one, each fizzling out eventually as I lost interest in the subject matter and since I hadn't actually given the blog URL to anyone, got bored writing just for myself.

Need.input will be partly about me, so I better introduce myself - my name is Krista Stryker, and I'm from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, currently living in New York City.  I'm a creative generalist, meaning that I don't specialize in any one creative genre.  I'm curious and sporadic by nature, so my inquisitiveness has led me to various outlets from photography to journalism, copywriting to pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.  

My goal with this blog is to encourage you to become just as excited and inspired by the creative, fascinating world around us as I am.  I plan on publishing posts three times a week to start (more if I just have too much to say), and will offer my take on creativity, personal growth, business, balance, education and other subjects.  I am a creative generalist, after all.

Thanks for reading.


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