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© Krista Stryker 2011
Some people can pick one thing and be so amazing at it they never want to do anything else.  

That's not me.  I’m a creative generalist.

I am driven by curiosity.  I need input constantly and have an eager desire to know everything.

I couldn’t pick just one career.  There were too many interesting things out there.  So I embraced creative generalism.  I have been a photographer, a journalist, a personal trainer, and an editor.  I am currently a freelance writer, copywriter and an aspiring entrepreneur.  I have dreams of doing many other things, and am pleased that my title won’t hold me back from doing whatever I want.

Recently, I discovered creativity.  For those of you who find this odd, who are already embracing creativity, good for you.  I wish I had done so earlier.  But I'm guessing more than one of you reading this will be thinking that you wish you could be creative too, only you don't have the genes for it.

But you do!  And I'm here to help you discover your inner creativity.

The blog's name, need.input, materialized because ever since I discovered my creative self, I can't stop gathering all the amazing knowledge I can find.  I have always been a curious person, but for a few years there I was fairly dead to the world and didn't think I was worthy enough to read/watch/listen to interesting things.  So when I woke up out of my slumber I wanted to devour all of the incredible books/podcasts/films/blogs/manifestos/(insert medium here) out there.  My husband would laugh at me, claiming that just like a robot, I constantly needed input to survive.  Thus this blog.

My goal is to inspire you and make you think a little differently about the world around you.  I aim to offer you interesting tidbits of the creative spirit mixed in with pieces of my life and the lives of those who intersect around me.  When I add in links to fascinating blog posts, e-books, podcasts, etc. by my favorite bloggers, authors and creative people, it’s only because I hope you’ll find them fascinating as well.

© Krista Stryker 2011
Most of all, I hope to make you laugh/cry/roll your eyes/punch something and get inspired enough to pick up your own pen/paintbrush/pair of boxing gloves.  

And maybe, we can all do our part to help change the world, one word at a time.

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About Krista Stryker

I grew up in Camas, Washington, a small mill town nestled in the Columbia Valley where people are generally white, Christian and have big houses.  I left as soon as I could, eager to be a part of the real world.

Since then, I've moved all over the place.  I've lived in Rota (Spain), Santa Barbara, Boston, Brighton, (England), Los Angeles, Portland (Oregon); Amsterdam (Netherlands).  I am now living in New York City, and moving to San Francisco soon.

I’ve been a journalist, a radio news reporter, a copywriter, a photo editor, a personal trainer and an editor, among other things.  The only thing that has ever been consistent in my career path is a love of writing and ideas.