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How to Survive in New York

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I've lived in New York for almost a year now, and anyone who has met me knows I'm not the biggest fan of the concrete jungle.  

This paragraph written by Hugh MacLeod, author of Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination and former Manhattan resident, perfectly sums up my feelings about living here:

In New York, you always think that if you try harder, work longer hours, make more money, spend more time at the gym, put more effort into networking, read more books, go to bed earlier, drink less booze, avoid negative people, be less shallow about the whole sex thing, be more supportive to your close friends, eat more vegetables and stop smoking so many damn cigarettes, you will eventually be able pull off that great Miracle Of Miracles i.e. you’ll finally, finally, finally be able to live in Manhattan while simultaneously leading a healthy, productive, emotionally-balanced life. 

- Hugh MacLeod 

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