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How Our Insecurities Limit Our Potential

We've all heard it a million times: accept yourself as who you are.

I've always thought it was a load of crap, until recently.

All of my life, I've wanted to be:
  • More outgoing
  • Less claustrophobic
  • More patient
  • More innovative
  • More confident
  • Less awkward
  • More easy going
  • Less hermit-like
  • Smarter
  • More gifted with names/dates/numbers
  • Less ADD-disabled
  • More daring/riskier 
  • Better looking, with more toned abs, thicker hair, yada yada
The list goes on.

But I've realized lately that by focusing on my shortcomings (or what I perceive as shortcomings), I'm limiting myself from growing as a person.  I'm holding myself back from becoming the person I'm really supposed to be.

By focusing on our strengths, instead of our weaknesses, we can become more whole.

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