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Publishing is Dead as We Know it

For those of you who may have missed it, I heard a great podcast the other day from Radio Litopia called, "Seth Godin: The New Face of Publishing."

As someone who is particularly interested in the publishing industry (there was a time when I thought it might just be my dream job), and a longtime book devourer, I found Seth's take on the future of book publishing fascinating.
I'd be scared shitless if I were a CEO in Random House, Simon & Schuster, or one of the other mega publishing houses out there.
On the other hand, Seth's words are incredibly hopeful to any aspiring writers (such as myself) who want to reach a larger audience with what they have to say without the need for an often pointless middleman.

Check out the podcast here, or sign up for all of Litopia's podcasts through iTunes.  And for even more on the issue, take a look at Seth's new venture, The Domino Project, a sneak peek into what publishing may turn into in years to come.  

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