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The Voices Inside My Head

© Krista Stryker 2011
The title of this post probably makes me sound crazy.

(I am, but that's besides the point.)

The voices I'm referring to are our creative voices (or images) - the ones that give us ideas for our creative work.

In my case, the voices come out in the form of a story, a manifesto, or something writing-related.  

Non-writers may instead see logos they want to design, images they want to paint or computer code they want to program.

All that matters is that these voices exist, and that you listen to them.

There was a time in my life not very long ago that I ignored these voices.  I thought they were stupid.  I thought I was stupid.  I forgot I was a creative person and instead shut myself off to the world.

The result: I was miserable.

Now that I've opened up my creative mind again the voices are almost screaming at me.  I have so many ideas they crisscross one another and fight to get out.  If this were a sci-fi movie, I would just insert a USB drive (or whatever the new technology will be in the future) into my brain and the thoughts would flow right out of my subconscious before I forgot even one precious word (more thoughts on computerized brains in this post I wrote).

Alas, technology has not come to that point yet.  Now, whenever the voices strike, I am forced to scurry to my computer/iPhone/notepad and type/write as fast as I am capable of before I forget their existence. 

How do you respond to the creative voices in your head?

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