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Writing Challenge: Trust Yourself

© Krista Stryker 2011
To my fellow writers and creative thinkers out there: 

I've made a commitment to take on a writing challenge inspired by the great Ralph Waldo Emerson himself.  The challenge encourages you to look within and trust yourself, and will act as an opportunity to reflect on the now and create direction for your future.  
The #Trust30 challenge starts May 31, 2011 and continues for 30 days.  Here are the rules:
  • Each day a prompt will be posted (and e-mailed to you if you need a reminder) by an original thinker and doer on
  • Fill out the pledge on the challenge website to commit to participating.
  • Blog, journal or create something on each of the 30 days.
  • Tweet using the hashtag #Trust30 to show your support and involvement.
Pretty cool, huh?

I will be using Twitter to post my daily prompt responses but I will also use this site for longer thoughts.

Join me in this challenge!

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